Weddings are the most important day in every girl’s life, it’s a day to celebrate love not just between two people but two whole families. But being a bride is not an easy task. Every bride dreams of this day and wants to look the best.

To help you on this big day we have brought you seven amazing Indian bridal dresses which will bring elegance to your look and make you the most beautiful bride your relatives have ever seen.

These dresses are not just Indian bridal dresses, they are you. So it should match your personality, show your character, and bold out your courage.

Choose your bridal set from these amazing collections of Indian bridal dresses.


The White Lehenga – Angel Look

The White Lehenga - Angel Look, Indian Bridal Dresses

A white lehenga with delicate will suit the best if you want a dreamy wedding and look like an angel. Light make up which is often called “the no make-up” look will go the best with your lehenga

You can either choose one with golden work or light pink work, the light work will suit you the best if you are brown. Try to set up a contrasting jewelry with the lehenga. It can be chokar or diamonds. A contrat color like green will suit the best with the beautiful white. Don’t forget a headband sweetheart!!

Slay your day looking like an angel.

Vine – The Classic Bold

Vine - The Classic Bold, Indian Bridal Dresses

Vine color is not in trend but this color bring out so much happiness and royalty. If you want to look like a royal bold, this is your color. A vine color lehenga will look much better than a bright red or dark one.

Specially, if you are a bold, independent who wants to owe your day, the vine colored lehenga will suit your personality the best. You can accessorize it with a classic gold and enjoy its vibrant and dark color.

To go with it, you can use a purplish pink dupatta as well. Be bold girl!

Red Saree – The Goddess

Red Saree - The Goddess,

Red have been the color of marriages since forever, but it is also a color of goddess. A red saree is more complimenting than a red lehenga. A saree with full work and an additional dupatta in contrast or matching color, both will work.

Many actresses have been seen wearing a red saree with heavy jewelry just after their wedding functions. But I believe its a very good alternative to Lehenga, especially seeing the heaviness of a lehenga.

A saree will not only look delightful but it will be more comforting as well.

Light Pink – The Classic

Light Pink - The Classic, Indian Bridal Dresses

The light pink is a calming color which suits everyone. This color is in trend a lot these days. Kiara Advani wore a beautiful light pink lehenga in her wedding and she looked so cute. If you have a cute face like her which I believe you do, then light pink is the color for you.

You can match it with a bold colored jewelry but the match of light pink with silver or chokar jewelry is unmatchable. Maybe remake the Kiara Advani look and be a star!!

The Combination

Everyone needs to experiment and a combination is the best one yet to experiment. Have you seen Deepika Padukone’s look in the song “Ghoomar” from Padmavati. A beautiful red lehenga with a side black gradient in the lehenge and work of gold which is such eye catching jewelry. Uff! What a combination.

Some combinations are like that. They just match. You can customize your lehenga to make it into two or even three colors.

Choose Your Favourite

Every bride should get what she wants on her wedding day, there is no doubt about that. So, why not choose what you like – be it a blue for Anjali in Dhadkan, Green for Tanu in Tanu weds Manu or a yellow for Babli Yadav from Jabariya Jodi. they chose what they like and how they want to look.

So why not you. Choose your color. Be you. Ask our fashion experts by telling us what you like and we will help you choose the best.

Let Lehenga and Saree be – Wear a Suit

Wear a Suit,

Why are we always supposed to wear a saree or a lehenga on our big day. It’s your day girl, wear what you like. Set an example.

Get married in a suit whether it is a three piece suit or the Kurti suit.
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