The essence of the essential oils is to provide you with the essence of plants and flowers. They will add a touch of elegance to your life as well as provide you with calmness and peace. The essential oils are specifically used in aromatherapy to provide calm and coolness to your mind.  Aromatherapy is a type of complementary medicine in which aromatic molecules are believed to have therapeutic benefits. 

Essential oils have a pleasant scent that lowers stress levels, treats fungus infections, and promotes sleep. They are concentrated plant extractions. Distillation is the process by which the “essence” of a plant is transformed into a liquid for a variety of therapeutic and recreational purposes. They are likewise use to blossom food and refreshments, add scents to incense, and make home cleaning products, as well as being used in aromas, beauty care products, cleansers, deodorizers, and different things.

These oils are derived from unprocessed plants and preserved. The different aromatic chemicals created by each plant are what give each essential oil its particular aroma. Due to the specific amount of plant material required to manufacture essential oil, these oils typically have a stronger aroma than the plants they are extracted from and contain more active chemicals.

Here we have mentioned some of the most well-known essential oils that you should use in your daily life to gain its different benefits like getting relief from headaches, insomnia, sinus infections, stress, anxiety, etc. 

There are more than 90 different kinds of essential oils each with a special fragrance and potential health benefits.

The top 10 essential oils that you can use are as follows: 


Lavender is one of the most selling essential oils because of its aroma and ability to relieve stress. It creates a calming effect. It has purifying properties which is why you can use it in the bath or use it as a cleansing agent for your skin. It will remove acne, pigmentation, and dark spots and will help you get clear skin. 


The fresh and cooling peppermint essential oil is known for energizing the person as well as assisting in digestion. It’s a delightful scent that will ease your headaches. 

Due to the menthol content, it has a minty sweet aroma and it is known the best for providing relief in digestive issues. 

Lemon and Lemon Grass

Lemon and Lemon Grass oil

 helps with mood, headaches, and digestion.

Lemon or lemongrass essential oils are also a great choice to go with if you want to keep your mood light and breezy. This aroma will help you provide relief in anxiety. These essential oils have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as antifungal properties and so they are great stress busters as well as perfect for massages as the anti-bacterial properties will heal your body.


Rose oils are aphrodisiac, and have anti-depressant as well as antispasmodic properties which makes it beneficial or your muscles. Hence, his oil is often used while massages by mixing in other natural oils. 


Sandalwood essential oils are most well-known for their capacity to improve concentration and alleviate anxiety. It calms your body and mind at the same time. Sandalwood is say to improve focus and bring mental clarity. Also, physically, it helps in healing of coughs, infections and depression.

Chamomile Essential Oils

Chamomile Essential Oils

Chamomile is commonly known for its capacity to quiet the individual and to hoist the temperament. Chamomile tea is utilized broadly for a similar explanation too. 

In addition, it is known that chamomile essential oils can treat fever, ulcer, rheumatic pain, menstrual disorders, muscle spasms, and other conditions. Additionally, it is said to aid in wound healing because of its healing properties.

Jasmine Essential Oils

Jasmine Essential Oils

The sweet aroma of jasmine is highly known to lift up the mood and remove sadness. Jasmine essential oils are highly used for its properties to increase confidence and happiness.

You can mix jasmine with sandalwood aor lemongrass for a more positive and mood lifting effect. 

Tea tree Essential Oils

Tea tree Essential Oils

The tea tree oils have the properties to let your body fight with illnesses and infections since it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also have anti-oxidants and thus it is best for healing. This essential oil is also often used as an antiseptic. 



The cinnamon are highly used as relaxants in aromatherapy. Reducing nausea and headaches, they are great to get some relaxation and lie back while having a bath or a massage. This is also known to have the ability to heal skin issues. The strong, sweet and spices aroma with the healing properties will reduce body pain as well as heal cold or flu. 

Bergamot Essential Oils

Bergamot Essential Oils

The bergamot oils are the best for treating skin issues including eczema. It also is used for lowering stress and increasing positivity in your mood. Low cholesterol levels can also be controlled by its use. It is pleasant citrus scent, a hint of lime, flowers and herbs, it is also known as the prince of citrus. 


Eucalyptus essential oil will remove all the air borne bacteria, and infections when you use it. The oils will also actively helping in boosting your immune system. Also this is known for clearing and purifying your skin. 

Important Note –

Do not use any type of essential oil directly on your skin. You should always have a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to it and that the reactions of any essential oil are not harmful for you based on your body and its energy.