The Neutral Red Lipstick, The Bold Wine Lipstick, The Love Pink Lipstick, Lipstick for women

Lipsticks are the liveliest part of your makeup and let me tell you even when you already do, they are the confidence you need. A shade of Lipstick Shades gives you the amount or percentage of self-confidence you need. Different shades will make you feel different. Lighter shades are always for soft things, or occasions where you don’t need to look bold. They are for soft spaces where you need to be seen as an independent calm lady. 

Nude shades are for showing the love and warmth side of you while the darker shades are for when you need to be bold and confident. The brighter ones are for authority and a position of power. Wondering how a shade can change how you feel!! Well that’s the thing about lipstick and there shade, they change you and they affect the surrounding you are going to be in. 

This is why, Here, we are going to talk about some shades of lipsticks that you must have in your collection. For the better times. Wink!!!

The Neutral Red

The red is a neutral color really, it goes with everything. I mean occasion wise of course. The shades of red can have an effect on you though. A maroon red is more like a party shade but a bright red is more like a festival shade. You can choose a shade of red as per your preference but we will advice you highly not to have more than three shades of red because it will confuse you like hell and you can feel frustrated. The three set of red lipstick should include a dark blood like red to show your character’s strength, a brighter red for a mix of bold and soft character show and a lighter red for the formal office look. 

The Bold Wine Lipstick Shades

The wine is the most bold color that you can use as a lipstick shade which is just the perfect shade for every occasion. As per the fashion trends, wine color lipstick shades go with every freaking occasion. Whether it is a festival celebration, an office meeting or a formal meeting, a party or just a normal outing, the wine shows your elegance, self-belief as well as character courage. It shows someone who has the maturity to be that confident, the strength to be that bold and be elegant to be that classic, all at once.

The Love Pink Lipstick Shades

The Pink shades of Lipsticks are the most adorable ones if you are using them right. A mismatch of clothes or a mess up in makeup nothing will make a pink lipstick look bad. So this is the most perfect color shade that you must have. But then again how many shades are there in pink itself. Let me tell you, the light baby rose pink is the best one. No other pink can compete with it. This lipstick shade intimidates you to eat it, it just looks so cute and innocent. 

The First Date Sand Nude

If you are going on a first date and do not want to reveal too much about yourself, go for a sand nude lipstick shade. Its the shade which will make you look mysterious, a look which will not be biased and tell nothing specific about your choices. A sand nude will just be like that the nude sand, where people like to go but at different times. It’s about the choice. 

The Party Night Magnetic Mahogany 

Having a party night and not using the magnetic mahogany! Duhh!! How are you going to attract anyone? Let the crowd see you. Let them appreciate your choice which made them turn their heads on you. Be the one so confident that others get self-doubts. Be your bold self and let the mahogany work its wonders. 

The Sexy Rose Dust 

In the mood for some playfulness and sexy night, go for our rose dust. Be in the mood of some flirtiness or maybe some one on one session of being funny, the rose dust will make their eyes fixed on your lis and wondering how it tastes. Let the rose dust tease your opponent, let the dusky appearance make them fall for you.