Silver oxidized jewelry is one of the most loveable these days. It’s looks elegant, classic and matches with every type of wear. Girls, working women, ladies, everyone is in love with these jewelry pieces whether it be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or bangles.

You can wear them with saree, short kurtis, long kurtis or even with jeans and crop tops. Ethnic jewelry is in trend and goes with every damn cloth of styling if you pair it well. 

Here, in this article, we have mentioned some of the classic websites where you can buy the classic pieces of oxidized jewelry. Different designs, different sizes, and cuts, and different classic styles of jewelry are available on these websites for you to choose from as per your preference and personality. 

Chakori Ethnic Silver Jewelry

A range of new designs, hand picked work of silver oxidised jewlery and a classic collection of Indian culture based jewelry and saree. You will get everything on their website. In various colors, prints and hues you will find a wide range of sarees as well as intricate work silver jewelry. thei r collection is unique and you will not find intricate designs like theirs. They pride themselves for their unique designs and handmade jewelry. 

With a combination of stones like ruby and pearl, the designs are all made with creative sides and playful colors. 

Lai Designs Silver Jewelry

You will find a range of options in the making of jewelry at Lai design. You can shop oxidized jewelry, gemstone jewelry, Marbling jewelry, miniaturist, folklore, wooden jewelry and what not. Their products are thoughtful, and out of box, be it their hidden message jewelry or the amulets and talismans; the african odyssey or the vintage ornaments. 

Their best selection is their hair jewelry, and the chandelier earrings. You will also find the mughal designer pieces as well as old classic kashmiri ones. 

South India Jewels 

India has a lot of culture, a lot of different upbringings, and a lot of different beliefs. Our beliefs inspire the ideas of what we wear including our jewelry pieces. At South India Jewels, you will get the bright reflection of the culture of the south in their ornaments.

I am in love with their ankles. The design, the use of stones in it and the delicacy of the designs. Uff!!! You should definitely check out their anklets aka Payals. 

Niyathi Silver Jewelry

Niyathi is a site with a lot of silver jewelry. The word Niyathi means destiny which the founders strongly believe in. They have captured the traditional art and craft in their work and so they are loved by their regular customers. Exquisite designs, exotic shades of colors, their vintage collection have everything you need and what you do not need but will need to buy once you look at these beautiful sets. 

Jodha Jewels

Jodha – this name have a lot of history connected to it and so traditions comes in picture on its own. They have been collecting their designs from the remotest parts of the world, checking in the history of life. From Jhumkas to necklaces and rings to toe ring they have everything in an old sags vibe. Check out now.

Tamara Silver Jewelry

At Tamara, you will not only get silver oxidized jewelry but every type of classic, vintage type jewelry that will suit your daily lifestyle if you love wearing ethnic. Daily wears that looks elegant, and makes you look gorgeous, giving you the confidence you need.

This  quaint little store have a refined unification of traditional techniques, rich textiles and progressive silhouettes for you. They showcase the authenticity of India, the passion and the art.

Prade Jewels 

Get authenticated handicraft oxidized jewelry with a hint of moderness with Prade. With an aesthetic sense, their products are always eye catching ones. Creative designs with breathtaking colorful stone use and intricate work, their store has a wide collection of accessories. Their silver jewelry is authenticated with higher standards showcasing Indian values and rich tradition.