With the change of seasons, we change and so thus our dressing styles. Mostly, we change our Summer and Rainy Dresses entire wardrobes as per the season requirements. 

The summer comes with its warmth, a wave of sunshine, hot breezes and outdoor goings in the evening. On the other hand, the monsoon which follows brings in freshness, as well as a little humidity and irritation when it comes to clothing styles. Which is why it is very important to choose what you wear rationally. 

Stay stylish yet comfortable regardless of the mood swings the weather is showering. Choose the best summer dresses and rainy looks with us. 

Feel confident and yourself with this distinct beauty in each season. Enjoy the sun’s embrace during summer or dance in the rain during the monsoon, these dresses will keep you stylish as well as prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store. 

What you wear does not reflect your personality, it reflects your choices and fashion by all means, is a means of self-expression. Hence, you should never be afraid to experiment with your clothes, choose different colors, prints, and styles to flair your unique self.

The Summer Dresses

Summer symbolizes warmth, hope, brightness and so with vivid colors, playful patterns, and lightweight fabrics, we cover ourselves to clasp this season. Clothes which can keep us cool and comfortable during the scorching days are crucial to choose and so we have listed here some must-have summer dresses that you should add to your wardrobe: 


A quintessential summer staple, sundresses with their most amazing patterns and sizes will suit you the best in the summer.Since the sundresses comes in various lengths they will be a perfect fir for you and a wide range to choose from as per your preference. Ranging from A-line to maxi, you can go for a simple straight sundress to a floral one with immense girth. Go for summer fabrics which will not let you sweat like cotton, linen, and chiffon. 

b)Midi Dresses:

The versatility of the Midi dresses makes them an excellent option for a perfect summer evening. Providing an elegant yet relaxed silhouette, the midi dresses will allow you to be comfortable in your own skin as well as the breathable materials it comes in will allow you to breathe as well.

c)Wrap Dresses:

These dresses are the best option to go for on a casual summer day. The dress accentuates the waistline, offering you a graceful look. Also, since these dresses look flattering on all body types, and gives the feminine touch, it is the perfect option.

d)Off-Shoulder Summer and Rainy Dresses:

Let your skin soak some vitamins in the sun and go for a bold and beautiful off-shoulder dress. Especially if you want your cheekbones to highlight, go for these dresses available in various lengths and designs. 

Rainy Dresses

The rainy season brings the gray skies with it and a lot of humidity which makes it a highly uncomfortable season. But it also brings in freshness, the flowers bloom and life seems La Vie En Rose and so should your wardrobe.  

Here are some stylish and comfortable rainy dresses that will keep you fashionable during the downpours:

a) Trench Dresses:

Ever tried a trench dress? If not, add it now to your collection. These dresses are inspired by classic trench coats, and therefore come with water-resistant materials and cinched waist lines which will protect you in this season as well as give you a classy look. With practicality in your look, you will come out as not just stylish but smart. 

b) Water-Repellent Skater Dresses:

Skater dresses are a great option for the rainy season. Crafted from water-repellent fabrics, these dresses are highly soughtful and playful. You should pair them with rain boots to create a trendy ensemble and look picture perfect all the time.

c) Shirt Summer and Rainy Dresses:

Chic and versatile, shirt dresses are just sexy, stylish and comfy. Made from breathable but water-resistant materials, these dresses are ideal for navigating unpredictable weather and be okay to go throughout the day anywear anytime. 

d) Rainy-Day Maxi Dresses:

You can opt for lightweight maxi dresses as well to go through your rainy day. Preventing splashes in the rain while maintaining an air of gracefulness, this dress is a fit for a day where you need more of sitting around space. 

Bonus Fashion Tips – Dressing for Versatility Summer and Rainy Dresses

As the seasons go through the transition phase, having dresses that work well for both summer and the rainy season are essential to be added to this collection of yours. And they can be a game-changer for you if you are the one who always wants to remain trendy and in fashion.

a) Shirtwaist Dresses:

Button-up shirtwaist dresses are the perfect fashion dresses always in trends. It can be layered with cardigans or light jackets during the cooler summer evenings or rainy days, and they go as they are on hot and breezy summer days, this makes them a perfect choice for unpredictable weather.

b) Bohemian Wrap Dresses:

Long bohemian wrap dresses in floral prints with light colors and lightweight fabrics are the best options to go with in the transition period. You can pair them with sandals, heels, pumps or simple footwear during the summer while you can go for ankle boots on rainy days. Everything will go fine with them. 

c) Lightweight Jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits are mostly made from breathable fabrics  and are lightweight which makes them a perfect fit, looking-wise and comfy-wise. It can be dressed gracefully for a casual outing as well as for a meeting day. This makes this suitable for both summer parties and rainy days.