Deewali is the biggest festival celebrated in India. In the Hindu religion, this festival have immense importance because on this day Lord Ram returns to Ayodhya, his hometown, of which he is the rightful heir after spending 14 years in the Jungle. In these 14 years, he has to face a lot of problems including his wife being taken away from him by Raavan, the king of Lanka. This is the biggest festival celebrated in India. In the Hindu religion, Exclusive Gifts to This Diwali..

Ram is known as the man of righteousness. And so his coming back to his kingdom meant happiness had come back. So when he came people lit up Diyas and celebrated this happiness. 

Since then we have been celebrating this festival of light and happiness. We celebrate it with our families and friends, light up Diyas, burn crackers, ask blessings of Lord Ram and other powerful deities, eat sweets, and give gifts.

In this blog post, we have come up with amazing gift ideas for you as it is always a dilemma what to give to your loved ones. Choose a perfect gift for them from this exclusive idea list this Diwali and light up their life with your blessings. 

Food Gift Basket 

Food Gift Basket 

A food basket is a perfect idea to give this Diwali to your loved ones. You can customize a food basket from your nearby bakery or order it online easily. Add the favorite items of your loved ones and see them happy with this thoughtful and personal gift. Make a basket as per their taste and preference, they will love it. 

Healing Crystals Exclusive Gifts to This Diwali

Healing Crystals Exclusive Gifts to This Diwali

All of us suffer through problems in life but many of us need the right guidance to heal and be in the right direction. Many of us do not give healing crystals much thought even though we do believe in the powers of energies. I think we all at least believe that the energies around us do affect our lives. Healing crystals act as a tool to manage these energies around us. They bring the person positive energies and help in meditation and restoration process to heal. So, healing crystals are a perfect gift to give this year as a Diwali gift. Let the light around you guide you and your loved ones. 

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Skin Care Products Gift Basket 

Skin Care Products Gift Basket 

Everyone needs to have a skin care routine, keeping our skin clear and clean, and taking care of our skin makes us feel more confident. And so a basket or kit of skin care products is also a very good idea. You can add face wash, face scrub, serum, black head removes strips, Body scrub, Body lotion, Eye Patches, face cleanser, etc. And a handbook on how to care for your skin. Or you can write a card with your personal skincare routine for them to let them know their importance in your life. 

A Welcome Winters Gift Basket 

A Welcome Winters Gift Basket 

Diwali is a festival on the verge of winter. Winters come right with the Diwali festival. Hence, a gift basket with products that will help the person go through the winter will be a unique and perfect gift. You can add a pair of warm socks and gloves, a body lotion and face cream made specifically for winter, vaseline, essential oils, hot cocoa powder or coffee powder, etc. to the basket.

Based On Choices

Based on the personality of the person, and their likes, you can make a specific kit or basket for them like:- 
Set of Books – If they like to read, give them a set of books that they do not already have. Make sure you give a book of their favorite genre and do not repeat a book that they have. Also if you can afford hardcovers, go with that. Don’t forget to add a bookmark to the set.

Painting Essentials Basket – Some people like to paint to sketch a lot. So giving a kit of pencils and painting colors with other essentials that are used in painting like oils, brushes, and butter paper is also a good choice you can opt for.

Journaling Items Basket – If the person you want to give the gift to loves to journal, fill them with the journal supplies. Stickers, printed tapes, pens, sticky notes, pocket diary or A4 size diary, stamps, inkpads, vintage rolling paper, etc.

Pack of Decorative Candles 

Diwali is a festival of lights and we all lit Diyas on Diwali for sure. So, a set of candles is always the best gift you can give. To make it special, you can go for a pair of candles that are decorative and scented. There are a lot of decorative and nice candles available in the market these days like the ones on elephants or on lotus. 

Leather Trays or Boxes Exclusive Gifts to This Diwali

Giving a leather tray or box set is also a brilliant gift. Mostly decorative box sets are most loved by people as they can be used to store jewelry, dry fruits, or any other items. You can go for decorative boxes or trays of Rajasthani culture as they are mostly handmade and look quite amazing. 

A Set of Itra Exclusive Gifts to This Diwali

A set of Bootles of Itra would be the nicest gift for your loved ones. You can choose fragrances of flowers or scents which your loved ones like and gift them a set of beautiful Itra bottles this Diwali to light up their life with fragrances.

HAPPY DIWALI In Advance!!!