Harry Potter is one of the biggest names in our entertainment industry. The love of Harry Potter Merchandise whether they be books or movies is so much that doesnt need any statistics or justification. 

The Harry Potter movies were so loved that the poster of the last movie was pasted in streets without the name, that was its popularity. Can you believe it, there was no name on the poster of the last movie, everyone knew whats coming!!

A lot of us are Harry Potter fans without a doubt which is why today we have come up with the most affordable but unique harry potter merchandise that you can find on amazon and let your love for the characters be shown. 

The Harry Potter Soft Toy 

The cutest harry potter soft toy is available within the price range of INR 1000 for you. This soft toy of Harry is the best for you or to gift someone who loves both Harry Potter as well as soft toys. 

The Hogwarts Castle

If you love hogwarts and the castle you will love this Harry Potter Merchandise. Personally I love puzzles and lego both so this was the most beautiful thing I ever came upon on amazon. 

This Hogwarts lego is amazing, it just like you are making the castle yourself. You are the Damn amazing. Go check it now. 

The Bookmarks

If you love Harry Potter book series more than the movies then you will definitely love these bookmarks. These bookmarks are to die for for anyone who loves the books and knows how much story and back scenes are not there in the movies, how there are small details that we absolutely love in our book.

And These 3D bookmarks will take your breath as they are the best ones ever. 

The Harry Potter Nails

Every other merchandise is imaginable but can you believe there are even fake nail designs made of Harry Potter theme that you can just paste it on your nails. So girls, dont wait, order your Harry Potter nails now. 

Also, bonus ladies, there is also a makeup brush set of harry Potter merchandise. GO Grab it. 

The Harry Potter Ankle Socks

You will easily find a t-shirt or hoodie of this merchandise but have you came upon the socks. There are scarfs and even hand wollens of the merchandise which you can easily access and buy and wear all your outfit on a cozy day flawing your Harry potter love. 

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The Harry Potter Playing Cards

If you love to play cards, the Harry Potter themed cards are perfect for a small party and to show off your love for the brand through these amazing set. 

These set of cards are specifically made for all the lovers. With the best designs and color combination, you will love to have this set in your collection.

Harry Potter Post Card Collection 

In this modern world, people don’t use postcards but still there are some Old School, Vintage people like me who loves to write to their loved ones on post-cards. So for your hearts my dear sweetest people, go show you love on these beautiful collection of post cards and send these to all your loved ones also inspir them to read the books or watch the series because you absolutely love it and they are your family so they should too. 

Harry Potter Themed Invitation Cards

If you want to celebrate your love for the merchandise a themed party is the perfect idea or a little themed get together where everyone is dressed as a witch or a wizard. To such a party the invitations should be themed, shouldn’t they and so check out these amazing harry potter themed invitation card you can send out.