Journalling is a form of art. Every person who loves to do Journal Items knows that. It gives us peace and pieces of ourself as well. As a journal writer myself I know how much it affects our soul to keep writing, how peaceful it is to write what is on my mind without thinking twice, how calmingly it affects my mind to share my overpossessive or overthinkable thoughts with someone even though its just blank pages. 

It better this way!! To share what we are, what we used to be and what we want to become someday. To reread that after long time, it feels we are seeing a side of ourself in new form. 

All of these feelings become intense when we keep doing journaling in the way we want to. This is why journaling is also considered therapeutic. Here are some of the must-haves that you need to doodle your thoughts as words on pages. 

Sticky Notes Journal Items

I know this is the first basic thing we all have in our stationary kit but do you have enough. Having sticky notes is not enough. In my belief, when we journal, many times when we re-read we want to add things, many times we want point something out and thats where sticky notes comes and let me tell you having a set of sticky notes in at least 12 different colors and 3 different sizes has been doin me great. I love my set of sticky notes. I hope you would too. 

And if you like sticky notes with some patterns! Voila! Order them now.

A Small Night Lamp & A Scented Candle 

Small night lamp because most of us journal in the night before going to bed or in the evening. As per my research and study, that means asking a few people some questions about their journaling experience led me to know that people love it more when they write under the light of night lamps. I think the light of the night lamp works as the stagelight for our words when we write which increases or emotions of being under the starring light. I think its a good way of seeing it. What do you think. Do mention in the comments. 

As for the scented candles, it just an add-on but the relaxation it provides is undeniable and unmatchable. Also, it relaxes the mind. So, in my opinion you should light a scented candle while you are journaling. 

Pocket Diary 

Even though we love to write directly in our diaries, as journaling lover myself I really know the need of a pocket diary to scratch down a random thought. Many times a thought just crosses the mind and since we are in a place where we cant just open our diary and start writing, we can open our pocket and scratch down the thought in pointers in our small pocket diary. It’s the best way to organize our thoughts and not remembering afterwards what was thought that crossed my mind earlier. 

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Sticker Journal Items

Journalling is literally incomplete without stickers, may it be transparent memo stickers or stickers of smileys or birds or it is patterns tapes. The stickers of quotes are highly impressionable as well. The use of stickers at a particular place do impresses on our choices and way of thought of that time. Stickers also makes our journaling a little bit of creative which looks nice as well.

There are also retro sticky memo pads which you can use, even though they are non sticky, these sulphuric acid paper material looks smooth on our words. 

Check them out here: 

A Set of Colored Pens

A colored pen set is essential because believe it or not, writing important things or words with colored pens hit different. As I said before, journaling is an art and art is not complete without some colors. Fill your word with colors, write anger or rage with orange while writing love with red, give in some green to the pages or blue when talking about nature or paint the canvas with your feeling of mixed emotions with purple. Also make some room for the warmth of yellow and the hues of pink. 

The Mini Dictionary Scrapbook Material Paper Set 

The dictionary set will not only give your journaling pages a classic look but it will also give your journey of writing a new height. You will learn along with writing down how you feel or what you think. 

Try to use these as your strength. What you can do simply is choose a word on a daily basis and use that word in your writing at least once and at most twice. 

It will help you with your vocabulary along with giving your pages a smart look.