kuldhara story, kuldhara Village

Kuldhara was a village of great scholars and priests located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Paliwal Brahmins were happy and living their life in their village. This village was established by these Scolar Brahmins in 1291. They were renowned for their mystic powers that could grow crops in the arid desert. As time passed many things changed in that village. In 1825 there was an evil Prime minister “Salim Singh”, a ruthless ruler who wanted to subjugate everything. Salim Sing fell in love with the Daughter of the Kuldhara Village Chief. He gave them a Proposition, that he would be going to marry Chief’s daughter with her permission or Without her Permission.

Role of Paliwal Brahmins in kuldhara legacy

This offer made the Paliwal Brahmins very mad because they were high Scholars and they would never allow this marriage to happen. They knew how cruel Salim Sing was, they knew if they stayed more in that village Salim Sing would kill everyone in the Village.

In 1825 the single-night village of Kuldhara and its Surrounding 83 Villages disappeared in the dark. People of those villages have left their houses and vanished in one Night. Paliwal Brahmins who were the Scolors gave Curse on Kuldhara Village that “ No one can Stay in that Village and Spend a full night over there”.

That Curse Never allowed anyone to stay a night in that Village and because of that Till Now no one lives there. Rajasthan Tourism has allowed people to visit Kuldhara Village only in the daytime and They have decided the Visiting Hours for that place. This allows people to see the Ruins of the actual village which was around 200 years ago.

Kuldhara: Real Horror Encounter

Many Paranormal investigator and recerchers have visited the Kuldhara Village. Various people have different encounter with the real horror. I will tell you a real horror incident that happened in the Kuldhara Village.

According to many witnesses and reports, A team of Paranormal Investigators Visited Kuldhara. They want to capture the Ghost or any unusual thing that happens in Night at that Village.

That Investigation team has four members Ravi, Yash, Suraj, and Raj.These four were young and Comparatively bold from normal person because they were doing paranormal Investigation for a long time. Four of them decide to spend the night at that cursed village.

Warned by locals in kul-dhara

Many locals and Elderly people tried to make them understand that, it is not safe to stay a night at kuldhara. There lives were on the risk but they ignored the advice and went there to spend the night and the real horror awaits for them.

All four boys head towards the village at the dawn , they were very confident that they can survive the night at the kuldhara and they were happy that they were going to be the first group to stay a day over there. All boys were checking the ruins, at that time sun light was there and they were easily seeing all ruins. Gradually Night was covering the sky and there viability stated to become dull. They lighted there flashlights and builed there camps. Everything was going better till 2am, Ravi was feeling thirsty so he asked Yash to get the Water bottle from the car.

Yash went to the car to get the water bottle, rest of them were waiting for Yash to come but twenty Minutes passed and Yash never came with water. Rest of the boys started feeling Irritated that they gave Yash a simple task and he was taking very long.

Suraj went to check over Yash and Suraj also didn’t come. Ravi and Raj thought those two were doing a pran on them so this time they both head towards the car and they Didn’t find anyone. Yash and Suraj were missing and the water bottle was still in the car. Ravi and Raj started calling there names and they were saying this is not a good time for a Prank but there was no response from Yash and Suraj.

Raj started to panic and told Ravi that let’s get out of here and Ravi told him We cannot go without our friends. Both Ravi and Raj started to look for them they were continuedly shouting there names, then Ravi told Raj that they should look separately but Raj was against that. Ravi convened Raj to do so and then they were separately looking for there friends. Ravi told Raj if he didn’t find anyone In an hour then they should meet at the car again.

Raj not found in Kuldhara

After an hour Ravi came back to car but Raj was not there. At that time Ravi completely felt that he made a wrong decision to stay a night at that village. Suddenly Ravi heard some is screaming, he followed the scream at it was coming from the well they saw at the time they arrived at Kuldhara.

He used his flashlight over the well and saw that all of his friends were hanging from the roots which were going down in the well. He started screaming and got Unconscious at that particular spot.

Next day Some villagers were passing and saw Ravi lying Unconscious outside the Kuldhara Village. He took him to the nearby hospital and after three days Ravi came back to sences. Ravi was not himself at that point he was barely speaking and choking blood. Doctors and Police asked what happened to him and he was just crying and speaking I am Sorry.


this is a legend which has been passed by the locals who lives near that Village.