Clubs are the most demandable places for both Individuals and couples. here we will discuss the Top 9 Clubs at Jaipur where can enjoy nightlife. Clubs are famous for their community and way of enjoying parties. This community involves mostly young couples and different types of local influencers like event artists and organizers. 

Clubs in Jaipur

Jaipur is an amazing city and melts with the Rajputana culture of Rajasthan. Most probably found in Jaipur continued upgrading clubs since 1970. Initially, club services in Jaipur were only for foreigners and tourists worldwide.

Having Sparkle, Glamourous and Glorious made a pure club. where we find DJ remixes, Melodies and medley types of music to initiate energy into the body. And dance gives you wings and makes you happy in club life.

1. Blackout Club:

Blackout Club

This club is mostly located inside the posh area of Jaipur named “C-Scheme” Ahinsa Circle. Blackout Club is a rooftop Cafe and Bar cum Club.

All facilities provided by this club like Cafe, Bar, Lounge and Dance area conclude with securities. Blackout is mostly known for its valuable services. Rooftop sights the view of Nahrgarh Fort and get luxurious experiences. Clubs allow other facilities for their space like Personal Parties Or Events. 

Blackout Entry Fee: Here are two types of entry if you are a couple and according to Budget. A free couple entry is provided without any food cover for internal food expenses and another way starting entry amount 2000 ₹ with 2000 ₹ Food here are also totally free but you can take entry ticket any time.

Blackout Club provide food services Like Veg/Non-veg food except seafood. Drinks are available: alcoholic and Non-alcoholic.

2. Club Roso:

Club Roso

Roso most popular Club in Jaipur for Its Social Media party activities. Roso Staff gives you the best services and makes an experience with you.

This club is located in Jaipur’s Posh area “C- Scheme”. Roso accepts all types of parties VIP, Unicorn (General), and banquet hall inside club. If you wanna go to Roso you can simply visit here. If any issues contact us and get a solution to your queries.

Roso club entry fee: As per continues the event organiser charges for any entries so it starts from approx 1500 per couple with a food cover.

Roso Club provide a variety of foods and includes seafood varieties with Alcohol and Non-alcoholic drinks.

3. G Club Jaipur:-

G Club In Jaipur

G Club is known for VIP parties. Club located in Jaipur City. G club initially considered their audience with taste of Vip’s.

This Club is Located at Jaipur’s Heart “City Center- Malviya Nagar” surrounded by highrise buildings. A Phenomenal party experience is provided by this club’s services and clubbing with a VIP atmosphere. Club’s all event and best party organizer invite locally and globally for celebration.

G club entry fee: The G club entry fee depends on demands so make sure firstly to contact and ask the plans what is currently.

G club provide all Type of food and a menu with seafood varieties with Alcohol and Non-alcoholic drinks.

4. The extreme discotheque, Jaipur:-

The extreme discotheque, Jaipur

This club is located Dana Pani area, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur. This café has a unique and rechargeable experience of music and environment.

This cafe united with a crowd of teenagers at the time of weekends. Couples and individuals who want to party the night away here is the right place that they have to expect. Foods and Drinks are also available at low prices in comparison to other clubs. The cons point is its timing to close clubs that’s 1’o clock in midnight. 

 The extreme discotheque fee: This energized club fee is low like its food menu just 1200 rs. (600 pax).

 Extreme discotheque provides high-quality Veg/Non-veg foods with all varieties of drinks.

5. House of People Clubs in Jaipur:-

House of People Clubs in Jaipur

This Club points at Bais Godam, A1, Sahakar Marg, Jaipur House of People Clubs have many coverage of Instagram Influencers and Other Vip’s.

This club (HOP) is very VIP according to their parties. This place gives you the same experience as every day because it’s open each day with live bands and enjoy real Sa’Re’Ga’Ma’Pa’…. have a different experience than we expect like the memorial.

As we know it’s specialities the live band held in the Ál Fresco area ( A Spanish Theme ) and multifunctionality like live crickets streamed and indoor game area. If you get another experience once try House of People.

House of People Club Entry fee:- Its plan started with a couple of entry charges at 1500 (per couple). If the discount, we will be available we will notified. 

House of People has worldwide unique drinks and all types of food with a Spanish taste.

Timing: 7:00 pm to 2:0 am

6. Grunge Clubs in Jaipur:-

Grunge Clubs in Jaipur

Grunge Clubs is the latest entry in the series of Jaipur Clubs located in Durgapura, Jaipur. People come there to spend life and money.

Here are very rich amenities to enjoy night and club life for the young. Grunge clubs come with amazing attributes and trendy staff to better treat their guests and create memories with experience in Jaipur. The clubs always running with shows, DJ parties and Instrumentals. Grunge has vast collections of Drinks and Food varieties.

Grunge club fee:- The starting fee for couple entry starts from 2700 Rs. which is the highest in Jaipur

The avg. charges of food starters from 700 Rs.+ to 5000 per couple of plates.

7. Colorbar Clubs in Jaipur:-

Colorbar Clubs in Jaipur

Colorbar is a lifestyle club on the rooftop of Radisson Blu, Durgapura.This club is very oriented with its hotel chain “Radisson“.

Rooftop experience enhanced with aircraft landing at Jaipur International Airport at the enjoy moment with near-one. And more the Miami style Spanish theme “Al Fresco Bar also welcome to you.          

This Bar desk also features with Kitchen and Dishes. This club runs with two timings 7:00 pm to 12:00 am (From Monday to Thursday ) and 

7:00 pm to 1:30 am ( Weekends).

Colorbar entry fee:- As we know this club is associated with Radisson Hotel Group so its fee starts from 3000 Rs. approx a huge amount for Grunge Club.

Colorbar has all your requirements so don’t worry you are in the hotel.

8. Kasbah Club, Jaipur:-

Kasbah Club, Jaipur

Kasbah is like a “Town”. A theme-based club located near C- scheme Gopalbari, Jaipur. Kasbah Club is famous for its food which is ideal for a laid-back cocktail and mouth-watering snacks.

You can join the party during the happy hours between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. any day of the week. The club audiences covered groups and environmentaly good with old Indian style dhaba bamboo covered roof with stylish painted furniture.

Kasbah Club entry fee:- This club charges approx 3000 Rs. for a couple of entries with food covers.

 Kasbah is oriented with Veg food and non-alcoholic drinks available at every time.

9. Lounge 18 Bar:-

Lounge 18 Bar

Lounge 18 is “Bar” type but combines Tapping Music and a welcoming climate, filling with a maximum variety of drinks.

Located at Jaipur Marriot Hotel, Ashram Marg, Durgapura. A spectrum international menu in Lounge 18 Bar. In the series of Jaipur popular bar Lounge one of the best bars in the city. With fully wooden, and Unique lampshades Luxurious chairs and tables and dine-in courts. Lounge 18 is the right choice, whether you want a good time with someone special with dance.

Lounge 18 Bar enjoy cost:– Rs 2500 to Rs 3500

This club start timings from:- 12:00 pm to 12:00 am