Fashion is not about trends, it is about what you can carry in the best way possible so that others will also get influenced by you. Fashion is a sense of being, a self-confidence built inside that shows through our choice of clothes and how we carry them. Which is why these days the trend is what we make it and what we go with as well. Some are experimental fashion trends while the others are the ones which actually look good on us. 

Here are some of the new trending fashion items that you should try to check out if they suit you and go with your personality with confidence as well as elegance. 

The Comic Print 

The comic print is so in fashion these days. And it looks hot, not beautiful. The comic print gives a hot look whether you wear it as a shirt, sweatshirt or a jacket. The comic print dresses with all the drawings showing your inner child who loves how our childhood went while at the same time shows that you are in the mood of fun at the moment. It’s a basic styling format to show that you are on a outing day and putting your best self out for the day. 

The Shrug 

A shrug should definitely be in your wardrobe always. Shrugs are the ultimate survivors’ savours.If you have not else to wear just put a shrug on with literally anything it matches with. It will save your day especially when you haven’t done your laundry. Ha! Ha !

Shrugs are good to go types of fashion trends which will go everywhere whether it’s a day outing, an indoor party or a formal event and you can just lose it when you feel like it. It’s a styling cloth you must have. 

The Printed Scarf Fashion Items

Scarfs, whether it is the long ones for girls, or the small handkerchief types ones for the boys, are a necessary piece of cloth that is needed for a lot of things these days rather than just being styled. The scarfs will protect you from the wind while giving you a classic look. 

You can choose simple scarfs but printed scarves are much more fun and playful. They give a sense of your layering personality. 

Merchandise Fashion Items 

Merchandise items are everywhere and they look so classic if you ask me. And a way to connect with other people who like the same merchandise items. I mean how cool is that you see someone else wearing a harry potter merchandise and you know that they are love in harry potter and because you love it too you have this urge of talking to them and you could. Its a perfect social networking idea if you ask me. 

From Harry Potter to Friends, Tom and Jerry to Mr. Bean, there are items of everything and in every form.  There are literally shoes of cinderella and other princesses on Shoes now. Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags or clutches, buy the ones you need and prefer. And enjoy the social gathering of silent favorites.